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Aluminum Tube

Aluminum Tube

Aluminum tube has many unique features and benefits that make it a highly sought after metal that is used in various industrial applications. Due to its physical properties aluminum tube is often used as an economical way to deliver electrical power.

Aluminum Tube Applications

Aluminum tube has a variety of industrial applications, some of which include:
Structural components
Machine Parts
Truck & Marine Components
Marine fittings

Aluminum Tube Styles

Aluminum tube comes standard in a variety of styles and shapes. Industrial Metal Supply Co. carries a large quantity of aluminum tubes, some of which include:
Aluminum Rectangle Tube
Aluminum Square Tube
Aluminum Round Tube

Aluminum Rectangle Tube

Alloys: 6061, 6063
Type: Extruded, Welded
Widths 0.5" thru 8"Wall
Thickness: 0.125" thru 0.5"

Aluminum Square Tube

Alloys: 6061, 6063
Type: Extruded, Welded
Widths 0.75" thru 8"Wall
Thickness: 0.062" thru 0.5"

Aluminum Round Tube

Alloys: 3003, 6061, , 6063
Type: Coiled, Extruded, Extruded Seamless, Seamless Drawn, Welded
OD: 0.1875" thru 13"Wall
Thickness: 0.025" thru 1"

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